Flashback – 2nd International Symposium on Open Search Technology:
Three days, over 90 participants, 16 countries

Together with CERN in Geneva, the “cradle of the web “*, the Open Search Foundation brought the second edition of the international Open Search conference to the virtual stage in October 2020. For three days, experts and curious people from 16 countries examined the topic of Open Search from different perspectives.

Discussions were held across different disciplines on topics such as language barriers, key factors, tracking and user data, the importance of (open) Internet search for Europe’s digital sovereignty, legally compliant design (law by design), technical challenges of open Internet search, legal search engines of the future, raising public awareness, “slow search”, “human-centric search” and … and … and ….

Reading tip: Christian Gemin and Leon Pfeiffer have written a detailed summary for the german legal magazine ‘MMR – Zeitschrift für IT-Recht und Digitalisierung’. You can read the translation of the article here.
And view the conference page with information about the program here.

By the way:
We remain optimistic and are planning another “real” conference for this year. The 3rd International Symposium on Open Search Technology will take place in October 2021 at CERN in Geneva and in parallel virtually. As a warm-up, there will be another web meeting in May beforehand. Dates will come in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

* CERN = European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva – where Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web in 1989.