Welcome to the team, Jasmin Tietgen!

Jasmin Tietgen supports us at osf and the EU project OpenWebSearch.eu in the area of governance and community building. In the interview, she talks about her professional career and why the Open Search idea excites her so much.

Jasmin, what motivated you to join a non-profit organization like the Open Search Foundation?

Shortly after graduating, I became aware of openwebsearch.eu and the position as a research assistant at OSF and was immediately excited. On the one hand, because I find the interplay between politics and technology fascinating and important. On the other hand, because I want to work for a strong EU. I think that the EU should be more independent – especially when it comes to its digital infrastructure.

What attracted you to the topic of open search?

Access to knowledge and news should be based on transparency and democratic values, instead of depending on a few big companies with purely commercial interests. Such companies can, for instance, fire almost their entire AI ethics and social responsibility team in one go!

I think a transparent and secure digital infrastructure will go a long way to better address many of the problems and challenges of our time – and there really are enough of them.

You’ve already done quite a bit before you came to OSF. Why don’t you tell us something about your professional career?

After graduating from high school in 2014, I did a dual study program at the Munich city administration in the field of public law. Afterwards, I worked in the department for urban planning. In the course of time, I realized that I am not only interested in the law and its application, but also in the processes and structures behind it.

I am interested in politics, but also in how our world works, who shapes it and how things can be changed. That’s why I applied for the master’s program “Governance in the Multilevel System and International Relations/State Studies” at the University of Passau and Andrassy University Budapest. Parallel to my part-time job at the Munich City Administration, I studied in Passau and Budapest and completed the double degree program last fall.

Most recently, I took on various project management tasks for the application of the Olympic Park in Munich as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Munich City Administration.

How would you describe yourself personally and what inspires you?

I would describe myself as an open-minded and fun-loving person. In my free time I am enthusiastic about various sports, but I prefer to spend it in the mountains hiking or skiing.

Jasmin Tietgen

Jasmin Tietgen

Research Assistant
“Governance & Community Building”