Welcome to the team, Rengin-Sina Özcan!

Rengin-Sina is supporting us in the field of Communication, Social Media and Community Building. Get to know her in this a quick interview.

Rengin-Sina, please tell us about your previous experiences and interests?

In my Bachelor’s Program I gained my first work experiences during an internship in Marketing Communications. My current Master’s Program “Marketing, Sales and Media” at the Business School of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt allows me to dive deeper into fields I’m particularly interested in. During my Bachelor’s I also worked as a Barista and loved the job as well! Not only did I improve my interpersonal communication, but discovered a new passion of mine!

Three characteristics that describe you best?

Empathic, optimistic, helpful.

Why did this position at OSF convince you?

After looking at the Job description in detail, I immediately thought: I want this Job! There is a lot of diversity regarding the core activities. Not to mention that it even unites some of my interests in a professional context: Digital Marketing, Social Media. Despite that, it is offering great room for creativity and personal ideas.

The main focus on the current project #EthicsInSearch had me convinced as well, since I am personally interested in topics in the context of ethics and like to spend time educating myself on that in my freetime. By the way – I wrote my bachelor’s thesis in the field of business ethics. It carries the following title: “Human rights due diligence in global supply chains: moral change or just legal compulsion after all? An observation in the automotive industry.”

What would you call your personal search engine and why?

I think it would probably be called “Rengo’s Searchy”. With my nickname “Rengo” I would add a personal touch and I think “Searchy” sounds just nice. :-)

Great that you joined us! We’re looking forward to working with you. Welcome to the Open Search Foundation!

Rengin-Sina Özcan

Master’s student at the Business School of THI, working student “Communication, Social Media & Community Building”