TED-Talk “Navigating the Entangled Web”: Dr. Tim Smith explains web search using examples from physics

“We need search algorithms tuned for humanity not individual greed. We need to rewind.”

Distinguishing in-depth knowledge from false reports is not always easy. Dr. Tim Smith knows that, too. In his TED Talk, he explains the added value of an open web index using examples from physics.

Dr. Tim Smith is head of the Collaboration and Information Services group at CERN, one of our partners in the EU project openwebsearch.eu.

Using historical key data and, for example, a slice of chorizo, he also outlines in a catchy and entertaining way the downsides of web search and the personalized search algorithms associated with it, and makes a plea for open and free web search, because “search algorithms should be for education, not entertainment.” For a world in which even the youngest members of society can distinguish facts from misinformation.

What does a chorizo have to do with it? Find out in the TED Talk.