In November 2023, the annual NGI Forum took place in Brussels and launched a new Q&A video series with NGI-related Horizon Europe-funded project managers. One of the interviewees was Dr. Stefan Voigt, chairman of the OSF executive board. OSF is a part of the project, which is under the NGI umbrella.

You can watch the short Q&A session below:

Source: EU Video, the official ActivityPub video platform of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies.

If you would like to dig deeper into the topic of Open Web Search, you may also want to revisit the plenary session on “Open Web Search and Large Language Models and Beyond: Challenges and opportunities for Europe“, moderated by OSF chairwoman Christine Plote. Among the five panelists was also Michael Granitzer who is the project leader at OWS.EU.

You can watch the full session here online (start at roughly 2.55 minutes in).