„Calls for a European “third way” in matters of digital technology need to be put into action to achieve an actual change of the status quo. To achieve autonomy in the digital sphere, European alternatives to digital services and products need to be established. However, such efforts must also extend to the level of information technology infrastructure. To that end, decentralized indexing of the internet could significantly help to strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty. Nevertheless, legal challenges need to be overcome to make that vision a reality.“

Kai Erenli, Christian Geminn und Leon Pfeiffer von der osf-Fachgruppe Legal haben einen sehr lesenswerten Artikel über die rechtlichen Herausfordernungen einer offenen Suchinfrastruktur geschrieben.

Erenli, K., Geminn, C. & Pfeiffer, L.
Legal challenges of an open web index.
International Cybersecurity Law Review volume 2, pages 183–194 (2021)

Direkt zum Artikel (englisch): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1365/s43439-021-00017-8